We have premier International Designers that offer a range of services in how to create luxury designs for your space in Pittsburgh Pa and South Florida. We offer a trained professional eye and bring a fresh perspective to create a beautiful, happy and comfortable space that reflects your personality, unique sense of style and provides greater functionality. We have featured with a number of organizations, do home staging and create luxury and warmth with our impeccable designs.

Our Services

Custom home renovation design

Home interior and exterior design

Commercial space renovation and designs

Color schemes, finishes and material selections

Architectural services

Space, Layout & Functionality

Ft Lauderdale Remodel Your Living Room


Just a few of the Reasons you may select our Services:

Save Time and Money – Interior design is a craft and we offer our expertise to help you make selections that work for your space and mix well together. Did you ever repaint your space 3 times because the colors just didn’t work? Did you ever buy a piece of costly furniture that looked fantastic in the store but in your home it was way too big and overtook the entire space? You can avoid a lot of the research and planning by putting us to work for you.

Trained Professional can develop a plan of action to help you create a flow that works for function and your sense of style and turns your home into a space that Inspires

Coordination efforts with Architect – It can be difficult to envision how you ideally want your space to look like after the renovation, let alone give direction to your Architect regarding design, flow and structural decisions. Hiring an expert to partner with you to create that vision and be your voice takes out the guess work.

Color, Finish and Materials – there are so many choices and its challenging to figure out what colors, fabrics, lighting, furniture and accessories will all come together harmoniously and function well not to mention all the time and research needed on looking for just the right products and pricing.

Maximize the full potential of your space whether it’s your business or home.

Space, Layout and Functionality – having difficulty making your home work for you and your family? Want to create a space more inviting for entertaining, more comfortably and overall a space that brings you true happiness, your own personal sanctuary to come home to.

Home Value – some seek Interior Design services to help increase the value of their home or business in preparation for sale.

Whatever the reason, be Happy in your space!

“We are passionate about bringing any space to life, creating a luxurious and inviting environment and Wowing our Clients.”